On 21st of March we held 1st Weightlifting competition by Aphrodite games camp!

There were 12 participants in 2 divisions and 4 weight classes.

It was great event - lots of PRs, emotions, and applause -and we are looking forward to make in at least annual!

Thank you for everyone who came - those who share our passion for Оlympic weightlifting sport!

Big thank you for Angelos Ioannou, Deniese Offermann, Jorgio Assy and Lazarus for helping with organization and judging!

We are very pleased with interest shown from all participants and audience - that means for us that our effort is not useless - and will keep on doing our best to bring you new events!

Join Aphrodite Games Camp - let's train together!

Prizes and snacks for competitors were kindly provided by X-trem store Limassol!

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