On 25th of April was held the long-awaited tournament «Kings of WOD vs. FIT League», representing essentially an opposition between national teams of Europe and Russia. Landmark event, comparable to that of the Summit Series-72 in hockey, took place in a symbolic city for the contemporary Europe – Brussels.

It was first time when Russian team, consisting of six top athletes (Oxana Slivenko, Oxana Pikmulova, Ekaterina Il’ina, Alexander Panteleev, Erast Palkin, Sergey Koltovskoy),went abroad to  accept the challenge of one of the strongest rivals – team of Europe (Carmen Bosmans (Belgium), Saara Laaksonen (Finland), Eik Gylfadottir (Iceland), Rob Martin (Spain), Filip Yang Fisker (Danmark),Dempsey Tamara (Nethelands)).

Meeting at the CrossFit Power Factory Wemmel was quick and simple and consisted of  three complexes. The first one was pure weightlifting. Due to the composition of such masters as Oxana Slivenko and Erast Palkin FIT League team could count on a good performance from the beginning. However, the average level of the Europeans was higher: 672.5 kg in the total tonnage against 657.5 kg of the Russians. And this was despite the fact that Sergey Koltovskoy and Alexander Panteleev set personal records in the clean and jerk - 150 kg and 140 kg respectively...

After an unsuccessful start there was no way to retreat for the guests: the defeat in the second complex would mean losing the final. Fortunately, this did not happen. In extremely tight competition the winner wasn’t determined until the last seconds. Due to mental toughness, especially of Oxana Slivenko and Alexander Panteleev, the Russians managed to reach the finish line with a minimum separation from their opponents. It was especially hard was for the captain - at the end of the complex it took some time to recover for Oxana Slivenko.

Unfortunately last complex was won by Europeans. Kings of WOD team leading from the beginning, despite the serious confrontation from the Russians, finished final complex with good margin and became the winner.

"I will be honest - we expected to win. The team we’ve gathered provided the chance for that - shared his opinion, the President of the Fund "Geraklion" Sergey Eremin. -  Unluckily it turned out that we lost to the European team composed exclusively of athletes who will compete in Regional games 2015, with a score of 1: 2. I think our athletes and coaches have lots to improve, at the same time we have shown our level and are well positioned among European crossfitters. I'm sure not for far off when it comes to our victory!"

... Today only few people remember that in the Summit Series-72 Soviet hockey players were defeated. One year later, followed by Super Series 74, which was won in brilliant style already by soviet masters, and with it has started a great era when Soviet team got the world famous nickname "The Red Machine." Let's hope that in the near future analogy between our hockey players and crossfitters will continue!


  1. Gather max kilos total : 1RM – 3 athletes in the snatch, 3 athletes in the clean&jerk.
  2. 21-15-9: rowing(cals) and burpee, 20 m. sled pull. 2 athletes work at a time – man and woman.
  3. 30 snatches, 30 bar muscle-ups, 30 hang snatches 60/40 kilos, 30 chest to bar pull-ups, 30 thrusters 75/50 kilos, 30 pull-ups, 30 cleans 90/60 kilos. First performed by 3 men than by 3 women.              

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