On 27th-28th of June 2015 for second time in Limassol, Cyprus Fund of Innovations and Modernization in Medicine and Sports “Geraklion” held a big international competition Aphrodite Games 2015.

Having become one of the highlights of the European athletic competitions in 2014, Aphrodite Games received recognition of athletes and a reputation of a hard beach tournament on Mediterranean, which is a mix of Functional all-around and Strongman.

Comparing to Aphrodite Games 2014, this year competition became two-day event and competitive program – even more difficult and richer. This time there were 67 athletes from 17 countries of the World competing in individual and teams division in contest for the victory under the hot Cypriot sun on the scenic beach. The largest number of competitors for the impressive money prize fund of 30 500 Euro was from Russia – 28 athletes, Cyprus – 12 athletes and Israel – 7 athletes. Some well-known companies of Cyprus like RCB Bank Ltd, LAMDA Card Services, PIK TV and radio, Prestige Group and others stood next to us as main sponsors of this year’s event!

Women’s division.

A special story at Aphrodite Games is women’s competition.

While in absence of the winner of Regional CrossFit Games 2015, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, gorgeous Carmen Bosmans and the champion of Aphrodite Games 2014 - Hannah Caldas, who came to Cyprus from across the Ocean but unfortunately got sick few days before the event, the women's tournament has become less representative, but it is still the hallmark of Aphrodite Games.

The protagonist this time was the “Russian Aphrodite” Oxana Slivenko and her main competitor from Iceland Hjördís Ósk Óskarsdóttir, who performed twice at the CrossFit Games in team division. Russian girl, being a step from victory last year, this time was irresistible. From the first day of the tournament, her intentions were crystal clear, unconditionally winning all three WODs.

Hjördís Ósk Óskarsdóttir was always second, whereby saving chance to recoup. In first WOD of the second day, consisting of rowing, swimming and shuffle runs, Icelander took her small revenge, but in the final power WODs of the competition Russian weightlifting and Functional all-around star Oxana was ahead of her rival.                                                                      

As a result, Oxana Slivenko ahead of Hjördís Ósk Óskarsdóttir and another famous athlete - Marianna Tzourtzek from Greece, won her nominal tournament overwhelmingly for the first time having achieved a long-waited highest step of the podium in international competitions!

Men’s division.

Men’s competition was much less predictable. Champion of Aphrodite Games 2014 - Sergey Koltovskoy, his usual Russian rivals Erast Palkin, Dmitry Trushkin and Gennadiy Malkovskiy, also Icelander Jakob Magnusson (European Crossfit Open 2014 winner), German Joshua Wichtrup (32nd place at Crossfit Regionals Meridian 2015) and few other strong athletes from Europe with approximately equal probabilities claimed for at least one of the three prize winning places.

During first day of competition champion Sergey Koltovskoy remained more stable than other athletes. He won second WOD with sleds and became protagonist of the third WOD also. Setting new personal record in snatch (120 kg), Crossfit Geraklion athlete rocked in clean and jerk as well – 155 kg – one more personal record as a result of training under the watchful eye of Arkadiy Chakrian (weightlifting coach of Crossfit Geraklion). Moreover, with 275 kg in total Koltovskoy reached and exceeded the Russian standard of candidate to the master of the sports in Olympic weightlifting in 94 kg weight category (265 kg).  Despite all these achievements, first place in this WOD took Erast Palkin, who became candidate to the master of the sports long time ago.

Second day of the competition passed exactly under the sign of strongman from Archangelsk - Erast Palkin who was lagging behind Sergey Koltovskoy after Saturday in difference of just one point, showed remarkable stability. He finished lower than third place only once in the whole 2-day competition what allowed him to finish first in final leader board with significant gap. This way a new Russian champion of Aphrodite Games 2015 appeared. It was first win in international competition for Erast, who started to compete abroad not so long ago, as well as Oxana Slivenko!

On the second and third place finished accordingly Joshua Wichtrup and Jakob Magnusson who had same number of the points with Sergey Koltovskoy, but came over him just by additional mark – best result in last WOD.

Masters Division.

The time has come for the new champions in the masters division as well. Women's master competition, for the first time, won Hungarian Frida Toth. In men’s master division the winner of the last year, Ivan Surin, was fully able to defend his title, however, before the competition it appeared that the Russian athlete will not be able to compete because of a back problem. In the absence of the main favorite, the statue of Aphrodite went to the Cypriot – Panicos Klitou.


Team division, conducted for the first time in Aphrodite Games, became a place of triumph for the Russian athletes. Moreover, Russia could have got the whole podium, considering that five out of eight teams were from Russia. This is how it seemed to be after the first day, when the three leaders were “Idol” (Bolomozhnov, Akhmedov, Knyazeva, Ilyina), “Heroical Fantasy Killers” (Lapik, Guryev, Guseva, Vereshchak) and “CrossFit Geraklion” (Nadezhdin, Burtsev, Zaugolova, Bespalova).

Future gold and silver medalists looked most balanced from the start of competition. Best weightlifting training and experience in Regional Crossfit competition were decisive condition for the “Idol” team. Team Gorilla from Israel pulled out the bronze medal in the very end of tournament, winning the final WOD ahead of three rivals in a very hard competition.

"Sport has no borders and, most importantly, no manifestations of negativity and resentment. On the contrary - the best physical and moral qualities appear at such events. Second Aphrodite Games are definitely a big success! Thank you very much! We will continue the tradition of the international tournament in Cyprus next year!", - summed up the president of the Fund "Geraklion" Sergey Eremin.

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