"Geraklion" Fund of Innovations and Modernization in Medicine and Sports

logofond-en"Geraklion" Fund sets itself a task of active participation in the improvement of the efficiency of healthcare and sports, while focusing on the development of the “growth points”, demanding and deserving, by virtue of their significance, special attention: high-technological, including nuclear and sports medicine and innovative direction in the field of general fitness.

For more details visit our website: www.geraklion.ru
house 1, Sosnovaya alley, Moscow
+7 499 401 0237


CrossfitGeraklionGERAKLION is the leading box in Russia in terms of developing and its basic disciplines, bringing together the followers of functional and conditional training and holding events aimed at the popularization of this sports direction.

GERAKLION is unique due to its concept: "health + fitness". It provides everything you may need for instruction on the methods of functional intensive training, effective physical exercises, diagnosing and biomedical monitoring of athletes, and healthy eating. The club occupies a total area of 1,000 square meters and has two training gyms with unique equipment and an outdoor sports ground.
Trainings in GERAKLION are carried out under the supervision of internationally certified instructors. Professional coaches develop individual and group programs aimed at the assurance of efficiency and, most importantly, safety during regular sports activity for beginners, amateurs and those who set themselves challenging tasks in high-performance sports.

For more details visit our website: www.crossfitgeraklion.ru
house 1, Sosnovaya alley, Moscow
+7 499 401 0237

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