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CF Geraklion OTB has a unique infrastructure for training and rest.

The distinctive feature of the camp is the Sports centre, which is opened for everyone. The centre is situated on the first floor, has indoor and outdoor training grounds, equipped with all necessary equipment for strength and functional training. Its particular pride is the pentagon – a special construction with a rope, chinning bar, rings, fixtures for squatting with a barbell and stand for handstand push-ups.

Those who like Strongman will also have a lot to do: there is a log, shoulder-yoke for carrying, Atlas stone, grips for the farmer's walk, Husafell stone and special track for tyre canting at the training ground.

The capabilities of the camp allow 30 sportsmen to train simultaneously, which is particularly topical during group trainings, training camps and working seminars.
The screen, installed in the indoor training ground allows to organize online broadcasting and hold remote trainings and competitions with other training grounds.
Massage will help to recover yourself after training. Experienced physical therapist working in the massage room will bring you back to life.

And don't forget to include swimming in your training plan, because it takes only 250-300 meters to descend from the camp to the sandy beach.
The outdoor lounge area with loungers, located on the roof, will be ideal for resting and sunbathing, alongside with the beach, and in the evening you will be able to cook a tasty meal at the grill area and share the impressions of the day with your friends!


Тraining schedule of CF Geraklion OTB GYM

Rasp eng-min

* duration of training – 1 hour

Sign-up in advance for Saturday (confirm time with a trainer):
1. Functional training - from 3 people
2. Personal Training
For questions, contact tel.:
Advance sign up is required, by phone:
+357 25 32 66 44 (administrator),
96-28-70-70 (Lazaros)
The first training session - for free!
Sign up

Price-list of CF Geraklion OTB GYM

Number of sessions
Price, €
Group training
1 session
Unlimited subscriptions
1 month
3 month
240 (80 € per/month)
6 month
450 (75 € per/month)
Personal training
1 session
10 sessions
1 month

**training without the assistance of the instructor

10 % discount for morning classes ( 8:30)

Booking in advance is required by phone:
+357 25 32 66 44 (administrator),
+357-99-78-98-19 head trainer Lazaros


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